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Dream: Stealing a Car and more

In the dream I don't remember why but Terry & Terry tell me to get in this car and drive it, so I do. I am just getting started driving it and this guy (I think he is the owner of the car) jumps onto the side of the car and tries to climb in the driver's side window (into my lap). I push him gently and he falls down so that he is hanging on the door. He's still trying to get in and I am afraid so I push harder and hit the gas at the same time. He falls off the side of the car and I hear a crunch when he hits the ground.

I keep driving down the dirt road. My plan is to park the car somewhere and escape into the forest, because I know my way home through the trail-less forest. On down the road I arrive at the guy's house (I don't know how I know) and I park his car in front of his house. I want to leave him a note apologizing but I can't find any paper. I get out of the car and instead of heading into the forest I go to the end of the road, where there is a house where I used to live.

The house where I used to live is run down, ramshackled, peeling paint and hanging screen doors and vines and weeds everywhere....I move in. I haven't talked to the landlord or anything, and nobody knows I am there. I have myself all set up when some people show up. I am kind of worried about the guy whose car I stole, but they aren't him. I don't know who they are either. They wander around, exploring the basement and every nook and cranny of the barely-standing building. One guy is especially loud and playful, acting like a child in the dirt. Then they leave.

Later they come back again, but this time they drive around the back side of the building to drop something off. I notice them driving in and come out the back door to ask them what is wrong. They all look hangdog. They say that they can't stay to play because they have already stayed too long and have to leave.

Waking thoughts:
Very random dream, not much idea what it all relates to. The playful guy approximates Gavin (my new housemate) in feel. The deserted house that I move into without making any arrangments could be a relationship that I enter without knowing enough to really decide if it is a good idea. Or it could all relate to other things. More dream posts to come---hopefully I'll have time to post before I leave the house in the morning. Now I'm at school and a lot has happened since I awoke from this dream. I have forgotten a lot of it. A more complete remembrance of the dream would facilitate more useful interpretations.
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