liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

NCNM Notes: Clapping IN

Today was my first day of classes in the first of four years of training to become a Naturopathic Doctor. The histology lecture began at 12:30, on the heels of a wonderful ritual.

I had been eating lunch outside with some classmates, and went upstairs to find my seat. I had just sat down when the drumming began. The beat came down the hall, and a parade of drummers came into the Great Hall. Behind them followed a line of people that just didn't stop, all clapping to the beat, and some dancing. They filtered around the edges of the room and lined every wall. There were hundreds of people in the Great Hall. The beat didn't stop, and the energy didn't wane. They kept clapping and jamming for a couple of minutes. There were no words or explanation. I was dancing in my chair and thoroughly enjoying the energy. Then on a signal from a lead drummer, the beat ended, then began again differently, and the parade exited from the room. When no one was left but the first year students and the professor, they closed the door, and you could hear the drums still moving through the building.

The president of the school then stepped up to the mike and explained that we had just been "clapped in", and that when we graduated we would be clapped out. I really liked the ritual because it had such vibrance and friendliness. Clapping is used to clear old or foul energies from spaces, too. So the Great Hall and its occupants experienced an energetic bath of sound today. I look forward to my opportunity to clap in and out the classes that come before I leave this place. And now I know why I brought a drum.
Tags: drumming, feng shui, ncnm, ritual

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