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NCNM Notes: Getting my Feet on the Ground

The orientation was rather long. It started midday on Wednesday and went all day on Thursday and Friday. Lots of talking heads. I took some scattered notes, and wished that instead they had just given me a faculty and staff directory and a map of the building---on PAPER. But this school is flavored differently than any school I've ever attended. They even admit to being on "NCNM time" which is about 15-20 minutes behind schedule. Frankly, I don't like that. I want classes to start on time.

On Thursday a bunch of different professors got up before our class of 129 students and spoke about the electives offered by their departments. I signed up for Northwest Herbs, and nothing else. The other classes on my schedule are: Histology lecture & lab, Naturopathic History & Philosophy, Research and Statistics (I'm psyched about this class because Heather Zwickey is teaching it), Musculoskeletal Anatomy lecture and cadaver lab, Organ Systems (6 hours a week!), Biochemistry and lab, Clinical Correlates and Palpation lab.

On Friday they finally set us free to get our lockers, ID's, library cards and such lined out. I was planning to drive that day so that I could get my laptop set up for the wireless at the school, but then my truck didn't start and I ended up getting to school a couple hours later than anticipated. I'm not driving my truck enough to keep that old battery going. I still haven't settled on an exact course of action for the truck, but I have to act soon because the registration in AZ expires in October, and I would bet money that my truck won't pass the emissions requirements here. I have pretty easy school days on Mondays and Tuesdays, so I hope to be able to make some phone calls and do stuff those mornings, every week. The rest of the week I'm running hard.

On Friday I finally had the opportunity to finish the last requirement to get my student loan. I also FINALLY got my bus pass, which was welcome since I had been paying $2 every time I got on the bus. Now I can ride, unlimited, anywhere in the area. And they have racks on the front of the bus, so I can put my bike on there. Tomorrow I'm planning to try the bus/bike combo for the first time.

I haven't signed up for workstudy yet. I think I'd rather volunteer at Helfgott in order to get a research position. They're studying blood type diets, detox diets, various medical herbs....good stuff! I definitely want to maximize my involvement there.

Saturday and Sunday I mostly stayed around home. I cleaned the bathroom again (it still stinks) and rearranged my room twice before settling on the current arrangement. I needed to make a good desk area, and I'm sitting at it now. Saturday afternoon I went out to help Shaundel (a classmate) get her bed and everything moved. She had rented a Uhaul but didn't want to drive it, and there was no way she could have carried those bed pieces to her place alone. It took all afternoon and evening, but I got to see a lot of the city. She had this device made by Garmin that navigates for you while you're on the road. It was very cool. Just plug in the address and the GPS guides you there. We stopped in the Hollywood District to pick up some of her furniture and I picked up a little dresser. It has become part of my desk setup, because it is low enough to write on from this small chair.

It's pretty much essential to have an internet connection because readings and assignments are distributed via web. I've already read the week's histology assignment, next is the research and stats. The rest of the profs haven't posted any assignments yet. ARGH.

I'm about to go a couple blocks by bike to get some baking soda, eggs and berries. I have such a tendency to hoard food, but here I don't have anywhere to put it. So I'm just buying what I need for the week. I'm planning on taking lunches with me to school, to save some of the $5-7 that it would cost me to buy food there every day. We'll see how that goes.

I'm feeling fairly stressed and scattered. I know I'm at the edge of my functioning when I start loosing things like my cell phone and wallet, and I have lost both of those this weekend--and found them again, within a few hours. One time I couldn't figure out where I had put the butter---and it was in the cabinet with the plates. I don't have systems for my new home yet, and my mind is in enough of an uproar that I do too many things unconsciously.

I am looking around for other housing possibilities, and so far every landlord I've actually spoken with has said "sorry" once they found out that I have a cat AND a dog. S is coming out here in November and bringing her pug. I think I have found out where the cheap rents are. I have always liked to live in slums....I feel comfortable there. In the Dell I never locked anything and was never robbed. And in Loghaven in Knoxville, just a mile from the projects---that was a great cheap place too. So given enough time I'll find the great cheap places here in Portland. I'm looking and talking and finding out.
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