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West Linn Days

This morning I rode to school and back again to learn the route. It took me 47 minutes to ride to school, and longer to ride home because I got lost and had to backtrack. I was riding pretty hard and not carrying anything but a small fanny pack. No way am I going to do that ride every day in the rain and dark carrying books. Looks like I'll be riding the bus until I find another place to live. Since school is just about to start, moving will have to wait until something works out naturally. I'm not going to push it right now. Let go, let the flow take me to the next place when the time is ripe.

I'm listening to music and relaxing. Working on the next mix. The bike ride kicked my ass. I should have eaten breakfast before I left but didn't. I've lost several pounds since I arrived here. I don't have much appetite. I am not too worried about it; I had the extra to loose. I'm happy to see my stomach muscles coming back. I won't die of starvation. My housemates eat huge amounts of food. I don't understand why they aren't a whole lot bigger than they are. And they're not exactly petite.

The beating on my back from the boat ride two days ago is something I will not repeat. I have an old back injury at L3-4 that has been awakened. When I was 18 years old I tried to drag a canoe full of water out from under a porch. Nevermind that water is 8 pounds per gallon, and that canoe had hundreds of gallons of water in it. I was 18 and clueless. The old injury pops, and usually it is somewhat of a relief when it pops, but since the boat ride the pops have been slightly painful. I am being very careful with it, and keeping up with gentle yoga in the mornings and some evenings too, hoping that my spine will stabilize again. I have been noticing that my left SI joint is often out and pops painfully when I do certain poses, then feels better after popping. I am grateful to have the tool of yoga for bodily and energetic alignment. And I wish that I had not beat the SHIT out of my body when I was younger more foolish than I am today.

Tomorrow I begin three days of orientation at NCNM. I am ready for school to begin, except for dealing with my truck. I am blocked about the truck; I want to fix it but don't want to spend the money on it. I don't even want to ask for estimates until I have money in my account and can figure out my budget. I am glad that I have some free times during the week this quarter. I think I won't add any elective courses, just so I have the chance to run around and deal with the truck, go to yoga classes and such.

The Anusara yoga studio near school is Amrita Sanctuary and Sarajoy is the founder. She charges more for the classes she teaches than for the other teachers. Even if you buy the punch card or any other payment option, she always bumps it up for anything that includes her. I am frankly put off by her ego as expressed in the fee structure. She mostly teaches morning classes, while I enjoy evening classes most. So I think I'll buy a punchcard that does NOT include Ms Sarajoy, and see how much joy I can get from the people with more modest names. This makes me appreciate Ulla's unassuming style. Go Ulla.

dancingheart51 is on the road today, headed from Colorado to Flagstaff for another round of driving trucks for ARR and packing food for PRO. I hope she has smooth travels. And I am very happy that she has started a journal and shared it with me.


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Sep. 5th, 2007 01:08 am (UTC)
Damn! You must be in incredibly good shape. That is quite a haul. I was wondering how you were going to get to and from school on your bike from so far away. But as you say the bus runs right by the school and you can always do a combination bus and bike trip.
Sep. 5th, 2007 01:37 am (UTC)
Thanks, I am pretty strong, but that ride is more than I can do on a day to day basis. I'm glad the bus goes straight where I need to go. I'll probably ride part of the way then throw the bike on the bus for the part of 43 that I can't ride. Or just bus from my house and not worry about the bike. Or keep the bike at the school, so I can run around downtown from there? Lots of options.
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