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Midnight Rain

Yesterday I did a few more home-making errands, such as buying a kettle that whistles so I won't burn any more pots on the stove. I bought a gallon each of vinegar and bleach, and cleaned my bathroom for the 3rd time. I washed the walls first with vinegar, then with bleach, and the green colored water revealed that I was actually removing the paint from the walls. I left a fan blowing out the window to remove the fumes. I cleaned under and behind everything, scrubbed the trim, pulled all the hair and bandaids out of the heating vents, washed all the towels and rugs, cleaned the litter box and took out the trash. After it was all done I had a hopeful moment that the smell would be gone, but it's still there. I can burn incense in there every day until I die and that smell will still be in there. I may try some commercial products that cover or "eat" odors.

So I remain open to other living arrangements.

I also ordered books for school yesterday. I looked at the list they provided, and purchased just a few of the books that they recommended. I ordered a hardcover copy of Netter's anatomy atlas, and a few other books that are required. The total, buying them mostly new and a few used via Amazon, came to $300. If I had got them from the NCNM book store it would have cost $400. If I'd purchased everything they recommended it would have cost me a couple grand. I hope that I won't need to spend that much on books ever again. A couple of my new books will definitely be the core of my medical library.

Brian, the owner of the home, wanted to do a housemate BBQ and a meeting last night, so we were all here. Lisa and I had a good talk about aging (she just turned 50) and Gavin was hilarious as usual. We gorged on sausages and pork chops and salads, and I made batch after batch of margaritas out of Jose Cuervo Gold and frozen limeade. I kept filling everyone's cup until the 5th of Cuervo was gone, and then got out the Patron Silver. Lisa and Brian were eager to clean up after the meal, while Gavin and I were still eating and wanting to sit and talk. We noticed the difference between the American meal-speed and a more dignified international dining pace. We were all drunk when Brian wanted to begin the housemate meeting. Gavin rebelled, saying we shouldn't talk business when inebriated. We didn't decide much except that everyone should do something to clean--except Gavin, who kept exceptionally quiet during the "meeting" and didn't commit to anything. I like him, and he is a slob.

I got to bed at about 11:30pm, and was supposed to ride the bus in with Brian again today, but he didn't wake me. He said he thought because it was so wet I wouldn't want to. The truth is that I am a little hung over. I had enough tequila that my intestines are emptying. And the rain that started in the middle of the night kept me awake long enough that I was grateful to still be sleeping when he left for work.

I had no idea that a rain was coming. I don't know how to read the weather here. Now everything is clean and the sun is coming out. The birds sound ecstatic.

I haven't listened to the news in a long time. I have tried to tune into NPR on the radio and there are two stations, both spotty and sort of weak here. When I wear my headphones and walk in Mary's park, the stations fade in and out, and eventually I switch back to straight music instead of news. I guess I'm going to have to find a new way of getting my news, or just quit trying to keep up. Not that I try that hard, but I usually do hear just enough to get the gist of the major events in our time.
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