liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles

Shakti is adjusting well. She knows where she lives. Just now she came in from outside and I had my bedroom door closed, and she meowed until I let her in. She has started pawing at the door when she wants out, and because the door is loose, she can make a lot of noise banging it around in the frame. A couple times now Brian has let her out of here, saying that it sounded like she was body slamming the door.

There are two other cats whose turf she has invaded. Brian has a "cow cat" named Boy. Boy has black & white spots, and a belly than hangs down like udders. He is ten years old and walks around methodically, pausing before putting each paw down. The other cat that chases Shakti is a gray one, younger than boy and faster, but still no match for the yearling treeclimbing athlete Shakti. So they play a kind of tag all day long.

Shakti hasn't caught any birds since she's been here. I think the bird bath at the Barn brought her lots of prey. The apple tree was always full of birds anyway, and when the dish was full of water under the tree Shakti would sleep under the table, and wait her chance to catch another bird. Here the birds are up in far taller trees, and there's no trap set for them.
Tags: relocating, shakti

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