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My gamer fragged your honor student

Went for a walk this morning and laughed out loud when I saw the "gamer" sticker on someone's car. I don't even know what it means to frag somebody, but it doesn't matter. Down by the river I bumped into Don again, and Barbara & Larry. I'm getting to know the neighbors by using the community park. They are just like people anywhere. Don is 63, divorced, and mad at me for being too young. I told him I'm a lesbian. But he's still going to take me for a ride on his boat this afternoon. I'm sure he's hoping I'll show up in the eentsiest bikini but he's SOL. We sat on a point over the river and talked for a long time. He's full of info about Oregon and how things work around here. I now know that I shouldn't update my car registration until it expires, and I should get my engine rebuild and emissions check done just before that.

I listened yet again to the Blow 'Em Away mix, and there are so many good songs on of my projects today will be to get the words to some of those down on paper. I pretty much have to write down the words of a song and sing it without the recording to really learn it. I have this hope that I will find people to sing and play with....make the back porch kind of music that I love. I have better odds if I can sing or play a whole song. Suzanne told me she was playing along with some of the music I gave her--I wonder which songs?

Back at the house Brian was trimming the tree that I was thinking about trimming. He trimmed it more than I would have. I think he wanted to do it for fear that I would overdo it, like his brother did to the hedge. Brian was controlled when he told me that I had left a pot of water boiling on the stove. I have been gone for 2 hours. If he hadn't been here the pot would have melted by now. I could have burned the house down. I apologized and I think he will forgive me. I need to get a kettle that whistles.

Hanging out in the yard I met Grace, the uphill neighbor. She's been enjoying Shakti's antics. None of the other cats in the neighborhood climb trees anymore. Grace is a denstist and teaches at the dental school. She is tired of working such long days. I asked her how much longer she plans to do it. She said she has no plans to retire. She's white haired but her skin is young. Everybody's skin is young around here. People keep being much older than I think they are. I've already started to shrivel. Seven years in Arizona finished off my young skin.
Tags: aging, housemates, music, my truck, walking

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