liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles: Moving On

I'm going to pick up my Uhaul in a few minutes. My pickup's motor has begun to smoke and nobody thinks it will make it over all those mountains between here and Oregon--with a load. So the pickup is getting a ride to Oregon. Which I'm not sure is a good idea because I'm not sure I'm going to pay for the rebuild. But we shall see. Since I've got a Uhaul I'm going to take everything with me, and leave nothing in storage. My friends will be my only reason to return to Flagstaff.

Cat's going with me. I have a place lined up in West Linn, right next to a state park that borders the river. So far (and I know that phone and email are not decisive on this) I really like the homeowner (Brian), and I also like the fact that of the four people who will be living there, I am the youngest. Brian's goal was to create a no-drama household. YES.
Tags: my truck, relocating, shakti

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