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The Cat Chronicles: Progress

Yesterday I was telling a friend about my difficulty finding an inexpensive way to relocate me and my stuff to PDX, and she offered to store some stuff in her shed until the fall. She might even drive up to Portland to visit in the fall--and bring my stuff. WOW--what an offer. Even if she doesn't bring it up to me, it is wonderful just to have a secure place where I can leave a truckload of stuff. I could drive back down here to get it. I didn't want to leave anything in the Barn, because that crazy neighbor of mine would definitely mess with it. My friend's offer lowered my stress level substantially. Deep breath. Now I can go out with a reasonable load in my truck, and find a place once I get there. PHEW.

The kitten has been hanging out closely with me whenever I am home. She still meows her head off until I brush the burrs out of her fur. She's going to be mad about moving and being trapped in a cage for days on end, but she's a survivor and she'll be fine. As long as I brush her long silky coat and pet her in the middle of the night when she gets lonesome.

I'm down to mostly just my favorite things in my apartment, having gotten rid of a lot of stuff. When I look at my clothing, or a shelf full of assorted knick knacks, I still see things that I could get rid of. More will go. I have found green thumb adoption for most of my plants. I will probably take a few empty pots out with me and start over once I have a home.

I have a full sized mattress and box spring, decent wooden desk, tall bookshelf and beater chest of drawers to give to the first person who wants them!

I have a few leads. I think I will find something that I can afford where the kitten will be welcome. I'm a good housemate. Someone will be glad to get me. I would rather live with people who are not in school where I am going, so that I can get to know people from all around.
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