liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Establishment has Everything to Lose

Steven LaTulippe's 7/31/07 article entitled Ron Paul and the Revolution considers the many ways that the US Powers that Be will resist Ron Paul, starting with the media blackout that we are currently experiencing. LaTulippe concludes his essay with this statement: "The American establishment controls a world-wide empire, has the power to print the world’s reserve currency at will, and can enact virtually any law without constitutional constraint. Such power is rarely surrendered without a long, bitter struggle."

It's precisely that long bitter struggle that some of us are already committed to. Quite a few Americans are armed for the conflict that will ensue when the powers have no other way but murder left to subdue the citizenry. The struggle may well outlast us. But I for one cannot remain "under the radar" without a loss of personal integrity. We all know the saying "Evil People win when Good People do nothing". Good people have been doing nothing for long enough in America.

Our democracy has followed the patterns of historical democracies. While democracy seems enlightened, the apathy of a well-fed citizenry invariably leads to rampant corruption which can only be corrected by revolution. Thanks to Joseph Mercola for sticking his neck out far enough to bring LaTulippe's writing to my attention.
Tags: democracy, mercola, politics, revolution, ron paul

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