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Notes from an Amusing Day

I told the man at the post office to wiggle his toes. He had been telling a prior patron that he had pulled a tendon that wrapped around the bottom of his foot, and having just studied anatomy I was guessing at the name of it. "Peroneus?" I said. He didn't know. He'd had his knee scoped twice and the damage to his foot was apparently from standing too much behind the counter at the post office. And being overweight. I told him "stretch them and curl them, stretch and curl" and he looked at me with intent fascination and hope. I felt inspired as if I had actually given him an opportunity to heal, instead of falling perennial victim to the healthcare machine. To awaken the ends of your legs, to invigorate your toes, is to strengthen your entire foundation.

After mailing my few packages I was walking out the door, and looked behind me to see if I could hold the door for someone. The man behind me was Mark James, ND, husband of Mary Poore who I have used here in Flagstaff. He was scowling at me. I don't know what his face normally looks like, but the energy I got from him was one of disapproval. I think he didn't like me giving health advice to the post office guy. Perhaps I was breaking some law. I'm going to have to learn the laws of my new trade so I don't transgress any without knowing it at least. But for now I am just a blowhard from the river business, and I can say whatever I want to the black beard at the post office.

Back at work it was Free Lunch Friday and the boss ordered a couple of new kinds of Thai food. A very bright red pork sweet and sour with lots of tomatoes (flourescent!) and a noodley dish with ground meat in it. Of course the usual gaeng kari (yellow curry w/chick), pad Thai, and ginger beef. The bossman had noticed that there was a lot of chicken cashew left over after the last few lunches.

I had made myself overbusy in the office by doing a great round of followups in the previous days. I called or emailed every single upcoming customer and potential customer to say "Hey, what's up?" and got lots of replies. Of course they all asked for me, so I was on the phone all day. I have been telling every person I have contact with that I am leaving Flagstaff and my workplace. Mostly I've gotten wonderful feedback.

When I got home from work neptunia helped me carry the furniture and stuff outside for my yard sale. We were able to price about half of it. I have lost the pen and tape, now. There are several great heaps of furniture, clothing, outdoor gear, kitchen stuff and everything random out there waiting for the onslaught of bargain shoppers. I hope they're not afraid to ask the price of things. My default price for the sale is "Two dolla!"

I had painted a bunch of orange pieces of paper with red arrows to help people find my sale in the Dell. neptunia and I went on a mission to put them up, after dinner and dark had fallen. She was driving her little fast black car, and I was jumping in and out and putting signs up at intersections. Sometimes she couldn't stop where I wanted to put the arrow, so she'd pull out the next chance and I'd run back to put up my arrows. I was getting a workout and she was getting some laughs.

After she left I decided to give out the rest of my fliers in the neighborhood, and on the way I stopped at P's house to say hi. She's been eager to talk with me ever since she heard about my date a week ago today. She imagined that Neptunia was my date, and had a grand romance conconcted in her head. So anyway, I stopped by P's, she'd been talking to her mom and then her girlfriend on the phone while she drank beer. She didn't have any dinner. By the time I showed up she was swerving.

I asked her if she wanted to go for a walk with my over to Johnny's to give him a flier. As we approached his trailer we saw a woman through the window in the end. I knocked on the door and the woman answered. P knew her and swooped in for a hug. Johnny was on the phone. His dad was in the shower and came out some time later. He said he'd lost 22 pounds working on Johnny's house. I believe it. His shirt was unbuttoned and from the neck down you'd think what P said, that he was 30, not the 60+ he has to be.

But what's cool about this is that long ago I dated Johnny, and I loved him, love him still, but I couldn't stay with him. Just no way. I finally managed to make the break and I am SO GLAD to see that he has found another woman! Yes, I agree again with outspoken drunken P that he is in fact gay and should try a relationship with a man. But I also know what a joy it is to be female in proximity with him, so he can't be all gay in spite of what P wants to think. And the new lady M seems really decent. She razzes him constantly, which is what he needs.

So Johnny fetched beer and the three of us hung out for a while. It was very interesting. I was sober, P was drunk, Johnny was on his home turf and M was right on strong and confident. An old piece of blown glass that an old friend gave me was passed around. Johnny asked if I wanted it back and I said no, he could have it, and it looked like he'd even cleaned it! Unbelievable. Then Johnny asked if there was anything else I wanted, and I told him I want the Apache beads from the Salt river that he had begged off of me. I had treasured them, and he had coveted them so strongly that eventually I just let him have them. But I didn't want to give them to him. After these several years, I still wanted to hold them in my hand again. That Apache mojo is strong.

He gave them to me. After all the years I've asked, he finally gave them back. Thanks, Johnny!

MOVING SALE in the morning! Sleep next, after a few more forward bends. The forward bends feel so good tonight, after last night's yoga class which was many forward bends.....
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