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Pelosi for PRESIDENT

Impeach 1) Gonzales 2) Cheney 3) Bush

More important than who is elected in '08, is what we do before '08 about the criminals in the whitehouse. If we let them get away with it, the next round won't be much better. Nancy Pelosi needs to give up her assertion that "impeachment is off the table" She needs to step up and do her job, just for a few months. Lots of others in congress are ready to move forward with this. Censure is not enough. Sitting in the corner with the dunce hat won't get rid of them.

Here's a little about Ms. Pelosi:
Her address is on the site, in case you feel inspired to let her know what you think.

From: The Pen <>

Now that the people driven impeachment movement is starting to get
some serious attention, some of those members of Congress who have
been resisting impeachment are proposing half-stepping measures such
as censure. That apparently was Jay Inslee's intent in proposing
censure of Gonzales, to try to defuse the calls for the true remedy
of impeachment. But we suggested last week that it would have the
opposite effect, and that calls for impeachment itself would also
expand. And so they have.

First there was Russ Feingold, and now comes Maurice Hinchey (D-NY)
with his own proposed censure resolutions. But if it is true as he
asserts that Cheney and Bush LIED about about Iraqi WMDs and links to
Al Qaeda, those are monumental constitutional crimes which DEMAND
impeachment. And if it is true as he asserts that they willfully
instituted torture violating the Geneva Conventions, corrupted our
system of justice by firing prosecutors at the highest levels for
partisan political reasons, defying Congressional oversight and
obstructing justice about these matters on top of it all, there is
one and only one adequate response . . . impeachment.


Unless we immediately move for impeachment, what will happen when
another president comes along who is only 80% as bad as Cheney and
Bush? Their asserted defense may well be "Hey, you didn't impeach
them for what they did, so get out of my face." Cheney has been
quoted in the Senate chambers using blunter words than that.

If it was ever too late for another act of grandstanding political
theater this is that time. Indeed, a censure resolution may well
garner LESS support than one for impeachment, for it will be
riduculed by the other side, and rightfully so, as a toothless and
meaningless gesture which doesn't actually DO anything to confront
these abuses. Censure under these circumstances would make a mockery
of our Constitution and its imperative that Congress SHALL exercise
its power in the face of such outrageous abuses.

It is not entirely critical where we start. We had thought that
Cheney should be impeached first, and he certainly deserves it the
most. But Gonzales has barged so far over the line with outright
perjury if not profoundly embarrassing professed incompetence it is a
disgrace to our justice department every day he remains in office,
his only purpose being to protect the flanks of the Cheney White
House from accountability for their own crimes.

But what is critical is that we commence the process immediately. And
what is most critical for us to do is to continue to speak out in
greater and greater numbers, and in increasing frequency, to let our
members of Congress know they cannot grandstand their way through
another election puffing hot air. In November, they told us they were
ready to lead. We must see that leadership NOW, or they will not get
another chance.


We just took delivery on another 4,000 of the custom embroidered
"IMPEACH CHENEY?" caps which tie into the National Cheney Impeachment
Poll, which just broke 100,000 votes (Hooray!!). We'll be resuming
mass shipments tomorrow, starting again with the East Coast. So if
especially if you are in the NY/New England area, please get your
request in ASAP if you want one in the next batch. If you want one
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if you CAN make a donation, however modest, please do so using to the
form below, which allows us to do all the other things we do, plus
provide free caps to those who cannot donate right now.


Last night we heard Dennis Kucinich pull no punches about getting us
out of NAFTA and all the other slanted so called "free trade"
agreements, which are nothing more than freedom for unpatriotic
corporations to exploit the most desperate labor they can find,
anywhere in the world. This is the same Dennis Kucinich whose
leadership made the entire impeachment movement a reality. Please
make a contribution to him if you are in a position to do so to
encourage him to keep standing strong on the issues.

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this message to everyone else you know.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at

Or if you want to cease receiving our messages, just use the function


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