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The Cat Chronicles

Well I couldn't do it. It was too short notice, and unnecessary. Shakti can stay here for a couple more weeks, and I think I want her here. She's good for me. Calming. Pleasant. Beautiful. I'm considering how much money I'd have to make in the moving sale to earn her transition. Maybe ... but it is good to know that I have a friend who will gladly take her in. I checked out my friend's new apartment today, and as long as Shakti can figure out to stay off the fast road she'll make it. There is a stream of traffic not far from the apartment. The kitten doesn't know about fast cars because she's been here at the end of the road. For now she is here at the Barn, playing in plastic bags and tormenting the neighbor's dogs. And my heart is happy. I was feeling terribly sad about taking her away today, and realized that I didn't have to. Not yet.
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