liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Moment that Life Begins

I read today that Ron Paul said life begins at conception. If he really believes this then I have a bone to pick with him. Life is continuous. The egg is alive. The sperm is alive. It swims! Life is a flow from one being to another. Otherwise we would not be here. To abort a child at any stage is stopping a life. We stop lives all the time. I don't understand how the abortion issue is removed from the war issue. But I do see that sometimes the end of one life is beneficial to many other lives. I don't know about "right" and "wrong". We need to get past the whole question of abortion. Choosing to end a pregnancy is not "playing God", it is just what people do in order to manage families and civilizations. Certainly it is better to use a condom than to throw a live baby in a dumpster. Nobody would abort if they hadn't gotten pregnant in the first place. Let's focus on ways of managing our fertility rather than forcing people to raise unwanted children that they will then mistreat and turn into axe murderers. Please.
Tags: abortion, life, parenting, ron paul

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