liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Barack Obama as Deluded as the Neoconservatives

gavin6942 writes in this post that Obama is no better than the Republicans because he also believes that the US has the right to go around fighting optional wars in foreign countries. This is in fact against international law. America's doctrime of "preemptive war" is the biggest reason that the nations of the world fear us. As they rightly should.

Gavin's words made me chuckle:

"Assassinating terrorists on foreign soil is no more legal than a hunter shooting varmints in his neighbor's back yard. Just as it is no more right for American leaders to make blatant threats than for "rogue" nations to do so. By our own logic, Cuba and Venezuela have every right to fire missiles into Miami to eradicate the killers we harbor here."
Tags: foreign policy, obama, politics, war

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