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The Cat Chronicles

When I left this morning to run errands, I accidentally closed the kitten up in the attic. I didn't know she was up there, but being sneaky like she is, she takes her chances. I heard her meowing through the ceiling a few minutes ago and let her out. She went straight to the food dish.

My neighbors are giving me a large cage that I can use to move her to Oregon. The word is to keep her in the cage night and day until I bring the cage into my new home.

I think I found my home today, too! I have been responding to every "housemate wanted" ad that comes up on the NCNM student listserve, and the one I called this morning was the pot of gold. Cat is welcome, price is low, and it's only 3.5 from school. It's on the west side of the river, so I won't have to cross a high-traffic bridge on my bike twice a day. The apartment is probably shabby, but I'm not worried about that. Anyone who has seen my current digs knows that I can put up with lots of FUNK. And it's ground floor so I can figure out some way to let the cat in and out. Most excellent!

After my initial conversation with my probable housemate I realized that she reminds me of my last young female housemate, who turned out to be bipolar and went off her meds as soon as she moved in with me. So I called back to ask this question: "Have you ever been diagnosed with or treated for any mental illness?". I will ALWAYS ask that question (and a few more along those lines) before I move in with a person, for the rest of my livelong years. Learned the hard way.

An old raft guide buddy of mine sent this today:
A boy says to his father "I want to be a raft guide when I grow up".
"You're going to have to choose," the father responds, "You can't do both!"
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