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Study More: How Shrub Regime Legalized Police State

Awesome post:

This is why we must vote Ron Paul in 2008! If we even have that much time!

Six months ago the thought hit me, we could really face another (9/11-isque) attack and solidify the control of the growing US police state, and that the attack could be pulled off by OUR government, or permitted and carried out by Islamic Fundamentalist. I started saying this, subtly, and now the idea is a wildfire. But so many don't seem to get it. So, I'm going to layout the design that is written in my head this time, and you, the reader, put it together yourself and let the picture connect. Let the light go on in your mind.

Welcome to the Matrix. It is important to understand the pieces of the puzzle, so you know how the story will play out. There are several key documents and legislative actions that have been passed that you need to first understand. They are as follows, the PATRIOT Act, the Military Commissions Act of 2006, Homeland Security Presidential Directive/National Security Directive 51 (not to be confused with Hitler's Security Act #51. Or is it?), the recently released National Intelligence Estimate: The Terrorist Threat to the US Homeland, and statements by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff (Mr. "gut-feeling"), Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Paul Craig Roberts, and an alleged leaked DOD document concerning domestic insurgency prevention, KBR (you know, Halliburton, Cheney's company?) built detention camps. It's all connected. All of it is leading towards one thing: A Military Dictation.

We call it nine-eleven. Through the media we have been put into a state of fear. 'The great tragedy of our day, is the climate of fear in which we live, and fear breeds repression' (Adlai E. Stevenson). Shortly after, the PATRIOT Act was passed through congress, which gave broad privileges to law enforcement officers. Though not a complete breach of the Bill of Rights, it opened up the door for warrantless searches and wiretaps. A second version passed in 2003, known as the Domestic Security Enhancement Act of 2003 added about a 100 new privileges for law enforcement to be used against "terrorist". Problem is, both these acts don't really say who the terrorist are. Is it al-Qaeda today, and peace advocates/tax protesters/militias/environmental activist/anarchist tomorrow? Oh wait, it is tomorrow. Department of Homeland Security helicopters above anti-tax concerts[2], wiretaps on peace activist[3], and environmental activist being jailed on "terrorism charges"[4] and anarchist bloggers detained because they won't be spies for the State[5].

It didn't stop there, in 2006 the Military Commissions Act[6a][6b] was passed, ending habeas corpus for those accused of terrorism. That includes US Citizens. If you're deemed a terrorist by the State, say goodbye to the right to a fair trial, bail, an attorney, right to know your accuser, etc. But that won't happen? Are you any of the following: An anarchist? A Defender of the Constitution? An environmentalist? Do you make constant references to the United States Constitution? Do you believe in policing the police to insure liberties are not violated? Do you question the legality of the income tax? Anti-abortion? Pro-property rights? Read the book Unintended Consequences? Yes to any of the above? Then you are a possible domestic terrorist according to the FBI[7]. Get ready for a FEMA/KBR detainment camp! Maybe we'll be bunk mates! Between work shifts, perhaps we can play a few games of poker as we plot a camp wide uprising. Oh, ja, about those internment camps[8a]! KBR was given another no-bid contract to build detainment camps for "mass migrations" from Mexico, and they are all but finished. Anyone remember Rex84[8b][8c]? Federal Readiness Exercise 1984, where FEMA was to detain large numbers of American Citizens in the event of civil unrest and place them in camps codenamed "GARDENPLOTS"? It's happening again, and many of those old detention camps remain. Funny, look at the year. 1984? Remind you of something? Remember, if it looks like a conspiracy, and smells like a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy.

Meanwhile, skirting the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, the John Warner Defense Authorization Act of 2007[9] makes Martial Law all that more easy to declare, and more fun to! For jackbooted thugs and the president. Not so great for the rest of us. Not that the military is needed. Our police force have been militarized to the point where they are better equipped than most our forces in Iraq[10].

Then to top it off, we've got NSPD 51[11a][11b][11c]. If this doesn't scare you, nothing will. Martial Law with no Congressional oversight, endless authority and a sinister name that relates to the same sort of document passed by Hitler himself. Are you getting the idea?

Each one of these has passed quickly, with broad support from various government agencies and officials, with little to no discussion in the old media. Google any of these and you'll find thousands of discussions on each of these from liberals, conservatives, anarchist, Christians, libertarians and Muslims all fearing the same thing. That Martial Law, and a military dictatorship is coming. Tyler's not crazy, nor fringe. This is real and an opinion held by many.

Sounds like one of my bad dreams, right? Well it is, brought to you courtesy, in real life, by the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. We have a list of orders, legislative action and military plans all pointing towards one thing, what to do when the worst happens and it all looks like something that a dictator would do. Of course, it has talk of the eventual return of liberties, but listen to the Founder's of the country. The State never gives back taken ground, it's not the natural progression of things. It takes and never returns till the people tear their rights back.

Then DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff said he has a 'gut-feeling' that al-Qaeda might pull off a "summer spectacular"[12a][12b]. On top of this, at the same time as some of the executive orders I mentioned above, the White House releases statements that al-Qaeda is back, in black and ready to attack[13].

Before and after these statements, people began saying that the Federal Government would use the next major attack to declare martial law and launch an even more devastating war into Iran. This wasn't just crackpots saying this, no. Try the Former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury to Ronald Reagen, the so called "Father of Reaganomics", Paul Craig Roberts who said this last week, that he thought that the US might staged or permit an attack, just to be able to declare war and martial law[14]! Of course, this guy is a borderline AnCap, so you know you can't believe him, but... Seriously. If there is another attack, whether false flag or real, we are pretty much screwed.

And finally, not verified, and I'm not convinced it's real, but have a look at this: DoD Plans for Domestic Insurgency It started going around the net recently. Cannot confirm, but if real, they are serious. Deadly serious. This also means they know that a lot of people are ready to rise up. I've got some bad news for them, and the fact they are writing something like this, indicates they know what I know. We could win, or at least make them miserable during their reign. Anyone ever see that Pixar movie, A Bug's Life? The story of a bunch of ant's being ruled and coerced by a group of grasshoppers? In that movie, the head of the grasshoppers states: "Those puny little ants out number us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life! It's not about food. It's about keeping those ants in line!"

Scary thing is, I can see Cheney saying that in a Pentagon board room. Problem is, we are figuring it out, and if they even consider Martial Law, they are going to be facing down tens (maybe hundreds! Think, there are 450,000 tax protesters in the US alone. Hundreds of thousands of anarchist of all flavors. Half a million people in the Libertarian Party) of thousands of armed American's telling the State where to go!

(And for those of you who don't think our government would let an attack happen or execute one, look up Operation Northwoods and then, of course, "Remember the Maine!".)
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