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Last Daylight

Twas a beautiful evening to ride my bike home with a belly full of sushi. Pink clouds and stars at the same time, the mountain looming dark in the distance. My friend S brought her brother and we had a charming conversation over a huge order of raw fish. Yum. How much mercury does mackerel have in it?

I took my kayak over to FEDEX today and they measured it and weighed it. It weighs exactly 10 pounds more than I thought it did. That is, I thought it weighed 25 pounds. I guess I'm stronger than I thought. It will cost about $140 to ship a 40 pound (slightly packaged) kayak to a commercial destination in Virginia. If the guy still wants it.

This morning, after I located my wallet, I got my windshield replaced. My truck is a 1986 toyota with 189,000 miles on it. It had the original factory windshield in it, from 1986. The windshield had been intact until I drove the truck in Colorado for the winter. I was crossing one of those big high plains in the winter, through ridges of wind sculpted snow, and a truck threw a big rock up. The crack travelled over a couple of years to the top of the windshield, and across the passenger's view to the right side. The driver part of the windshield was intact, so I never replaced it. It was legal. And I apologize to all of you who rode with me in that passenger seat. It sucks to have to look past a crack.

When I first get in the truck to drive after the new windshield was installed, I felt exposed. Those cars around me seemed too close. The sky seemed too blue. I got used to it really fast. New tires and a new windshield. This truck is ready to go to Oregon. I just ordered Ron Paul stickers.

Yes, I know, with the information in this photo you can look up where I live, my phone number, find my mother's maiden name, my birth date, my social security number and my favorite passwords. And what good would it do you? I suppose if you wanted to assume my identity, that would be useful. But otherwise it's just a bunch of info that doesn't really get you anywhere...certainly not to where you'll find me.

I am eager to be on the move. I began sorting in earnest tonight. I pulled my CD's out of the shelf and put them in a crate. Looks like I have about 100. I meant to have none. I think I'm going to try to sell them at my yard sale. Five bucks each. Think I could sell half of them? I know I could make more from them by selling them on Ebay, but what a project. I don't want to get into eBay (just like I didn't mean to acquire CD's). Argh.

Yard Sale is August 11. Come on down. I have accumulated a great deal of nifty stuff in my time in Flagstaff. Living in this Barn I have an attic. Anytime something doesn't fit in my 300 square feet anymore, it goes in the attic. When my friend C left town, she left a shed full of stuff that went in the attic.
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