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Night Out

I had more laughs and joy hanging out tonight than I have in a long time. I was with a gang of 8 people who just got out of the Canyon this morning. Clearly they had a good trip. I knew they had bonded on the river when the drivers said that they all decided to ride back together in the van, instead of splitting between the two vehicles.

Tonight they needed some guidance on how to find good food, and so we walked to Casa Bonita, which is a favorite Mexican restaurant owned by a family from the Yucatan. Dinner was excellent, and stories flowed. I passed out my "annual letter" to them, offering them a chance to keep in touch as I leave this place and go on to the next. There were several attractive men in the group, one in particular that set my loins atingle. I'm not dead yet. Twas good to feel sexually alive. I have been long dormant, after too many painful failures.

Ironically, though I knew some of this gang when I used to work on the river, we were not close. But they have grown up a great deal, and so have I. It seems there is a more real connection now than there ever was before. And I enjoyed connecting. Thanks, you guys. I totally enjoyed the evening. I will cook each of you a home cooked meal, next time I have the chance.
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