liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Financial Contributions from Military Donors Favor--Guess Who?

Yep, Ron Paul. He's getting more from military folks than McCain. On this page one naval officer comments that he has "sworn an oath to support and defend The Constitution of the United States, against ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC. That compels me to speak out against candidates who would treat our founding documents with disdain. That is precisely why I support Ron Paul."

Also, since the "powers that be" are firmly against RP, it is easy to imagine that they might begin to suppress reports of his grassroots support by altering the vote counts, starting with the Iowa straw poll. It will not be easy to get him elected when he's up against our computerized voting system installed by the corrupt neocons.
Tags: constitution, elections, military, money, politics, ron paul

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