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Testosterone effects on appearance

An excellent example of a man who LOOKS like he has very high testosterone is the Duke Lacrosse player Ryan McFadyen. Check out his mug. (PHOTO disappeared from web)

This young man threatened to kill and skin two strippers, in a nasty email on his Duke student account. He signed it with his team number, 41. Does his apparently dangerously high testosterone excuse such behavior? How about his value as a sports player? Aggressive violence and rape are common among sports teams and especially the alpha members of those teams. High testosterone is what makes him athletic and good at lacrosse. High T blurs his ability to think clearly, so it is akin to insanity. Should he be excused for possibly participating in the gang rape of one of these strippers? Should we monitor young men who show signs of high testerone as possible threats to society? Should we treat them as if it were a disease? I think that if high testosterone causes this kind of behavior (and I believe it does), it IS a threat to society and should be medically treated.

See my March 20 entry on Testosterone for more info.

Does this guy have any similarities in his face?? (BELOW)

And here's one more athlete who has rather public issues with testosterone: Floyd Landis, who lost the 2006 Tour de France title based on allegations that he was doping with synthetic testosterone.

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