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The Neocons are still Forging Forward

I just picked up my Harper's magazine and read this in a letter to the editor from Ian Alterman of New York:

"Although it's true that the president has not tampered with the Third Amendment, he did undermine the closest thing to it: the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878, which prohibits military personnel or a federalized National Guard from acting in a law-enforcement capactiy within the United States. The president slipped a provision into this year's defense budget that makes it easier for him to override local control of law enforcement and declare martial law. Along with the evisceration of habeas corpus, this may be the single most dangerous attack on civil liberties undertaken by the Bush administration."

What? Shrub is laying the groundwork for controlling by force the populace of the United States. We have got to get rid of these guys before they steal another election and proclaim martial law to keep control.

Aren't YOU alarmed?
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