liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Independent Media Likes Ron Paul

This video contains sound footage of Ron Paul speaking, combined with photographs instead of video, so it is quick to download. It mainly concerns the fact that the mass corporate media is still studiously ignoring RP, andn the fact that the campaign is going surprisingly well, in spite of the media boycot. Not only is RP popular on the web, but he is being covered by more independent media sources. Young people are showing a strong interest in what RP has to say, which to me is not a surprise since they are the ones getting screwed by our current system. They stand to gain the most from a change of course. Here's the vid:

So one friend of mine recently heard RP speak and said that he is a "nut". He had in fact said that RP was a nut, then retracted it when I said I like RP, then restated the "nut" claim after another exposure. Because RP sounds so reasonable to me, I know that some of my most basic assumptions must be completely different from this friend. So my question to you: what is nutty about RP? From your point of view?
Tags: culture, internet, madness, media, politics, ron paul

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