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Pelosi would be a better President than Shrub

I heard on the radio today that according to polls, the only people who are more unpopular than Bush are the Democratic Congress. And apparently it's been that way for a while. I know why. It's because Bush is as deceitful as he is, and they do nothing about it. They don't call him on it. The only way for this group of Democrats to earn the respect of the people during this term would be to finally stand up for what is true and right about our country, and impeach both our president and our vice president.

Now granted, impeaching just Bush would be foolhardy because the last thing we need is that villain Cheney as president. So to be safe, we'd have to impeach Cheney first. Bush wouldn't be harmful without the neoconservative brains behind his administration. If we could take Cheney, Bush would trip on the stairs and fall on his own.

So that leaves us with Pelosi. And Pelosi is playing the game along with the rest of the Democrats, determined to stay comfy in the club rather than to stand up and point a gun at the cheater, old west style. But you know the main reason I am mad at Pelosi is that she said "Impeachment is off the table". If she would go for impeachment, I would support her as President for the rest of this term. It would be her job.

I have to ask just why impeachment is off the table in her view. Does she want to be like Ford, to let the crook go rather than to spend time and money making sure he pays?

Of course if we impeached both Bush and Cheney, we'd had this nation's First Female President. I think that this may be a large part of the reason that people are afraid to consider a double impeachment. But I'm not. I'd rather have Pelosi than Clinton any day.
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