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Moussauoi gets the Death Penalty for Lying

Moussauoi was in prison in fall 2001. He knew about Al Quaida's 9/11 plot, and did not reveal it. He lied under oath.

Now his sentencing hearing is in process, and I keep hearing about it on NPR. The prosecution has played cabin recordings from the planes that crashed, and telephone messages left as they said goodbye to loved ones. The "evidence" presented has been emotionally charged, and this observation is as far as the NPR reporting has gone.

I question the relevance of this so-called evidence. It does not prove Moussauoi lied. It does not prove that his lies caused the incident. It does not prove that if he had told the truth, those people would have lived. All of these points are debatable. One thing that is definite: Moussauoi was not flying one of those airplanes, nor did he kill anyone on 9/11. He was quite well contained and did not harm, even though he had the intention to.

Our government already knew about 9/11 and didn't stop it. There is plenty of evidence out there to suggest complicity on the part of our federal administration, if not deeper involvement in the 9/11 terrorist attack. And if they HAD wanted to have prevent it, would they have been as effective as they were in New Orleans when Katrina hit? Probably about that effective... Our government is simultaneously twofaced and incompetent.

Lying under oath should be punishable by law. But since when is lying alone grounds for the death penalty? I don't know about that law. I don't know much about the law, and I am sure there are harsh penalties for any attempt to execute terrorist attacks. Moussauoi had intention, but no opportunity.

The defense keeps trying to prove what a sick puppy he is. I'm sure he has some issues. Join the club. Don't say it out loud, but consider this: how many times have you had a thought to do something that was illegal? If everyone who had ever contemplated a violent action was to be killed, how many of us would be left? If you had some problem that kept you from keeping your "inappropriate" thoughts private, you'd be subject to prosecution this way. The Thought Police are in action. George Orwell was one sharp dude.

So in our comfort we Americans retain a president who lies daily, lies constantly, costing just as many lives if not more than Moussauoi. If lying is grounds for the death penalty, then what are we going to do about Shrub?
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