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Finding One's Home

I read a quote recently that was given as the epitomy of a Western way of being. It went like this:
Find your place. Dig in. Defend it.

I have long been looking for my place, and I have known since I arrived here in Arizona that this is not it. I want to be near water. The dryness of this places unnerves me, and the fires are terrifying.

So I have long thought about what I want in the place that I will call my home....hopefully for the rest of my life.....after I finish this round of schooling. I have a fun email conversation going with a former professor of mine, who recently relocated to Gig Harbor, Washington from Knoxville, Tennessee.

Here are the criteria he listed for finding his home (shared with a wife):
1. major airport nearby
2. major city nearby (plays, art, culture, hospital)
3. temperate climate (no sticky humidity)
4. tolerant citizenry
5. diverse population
6. strong educational system
7. appreciation for the good things that government can do

What are your criteria?
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