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On Romance and Soul Mate Stuff

Thanks to ngakmafaery, I copied this post from the popularfengshui list (so I will come back to it):

...this was on, and while it isn't all fengshui strictly, I figured there might be interest...

The Perfect Soul Mate Using the Law of Attraction

From the blog of Kittenit -- Advisor on Keen

Step 1: Forgive the Past
Are you still obsessing about a past relationship that absorbs too much of your attention, or generates disappointment, anger, resentment and other negative emotions? You cannot be emotionally available as long as you are still living in the past. As hard as it is, you must get your closure and let the old, broken relationships go.

Stop talking about this person
Stop allowing yourself to be angry at this person
Stop listening to others who want to talk about this person with you
Stop feeling victimized over how you were treated

Wish your ex-boyfriend, ex-husband or ex-lover well and send him/her on their way to a better life. When you stop giving it your attention, you take your power back and stop letting this situation control you.

Step 2: Write a Wish List of Ideal Qualities
Be honest with yourself and list the ideal qualities you are looking for in a soul mate -- not what you feel you can "put up with." Use contrast to help you find the right qualities:

Dated a cheapskate in the past? Use that as inspiration to ask for what you really want: "My Perfect Mate is generous, giving and prosperous."
Had a problem with a cheater? Try this one: "My Perfect Mate is loyal and loving to me. He values me and supports me in every way possible."
Tend to attract married and unavailable? How about, "My Perfect Mate is single, available and ready for a long-term relationship".

Step 3: Eliminate Self-Sabotage
You may feel you are not ready for a new relationship because of your own fears and concerns. Or you may be thinking you will not find a perfect relationship at all. If this is the case, write down some "pre-affirmations":

"Give me the strength, understanding, patience and all other qualities I need to be the perfect partner."
"I radiate harmony, love, trust and friendship to all I meet."
"The Universe knows what I need in a perfect mate and is paving the way for the two of us to meet and recognize each other."

Step 4: Affirm and Visualize What You Want
Twice a day, morning and night, go over your list and recite it out loud. Feel the passion and desire as you read off the qualities you have accumulated. Visualize yourself and your new partner in a special place having a great time.

Step 5: Allow the Universe to Work Its Magic
The Universe will find the fastest, quickest and most direct way of bringing the two of you together. You need to trust that it is on the job and working behind the scenes, regardless of how things appear on the outside. When you meet this person, there will be no doubt for either of you.

Step 6: Express Your Gratitude
Be grateful for all the signs that the Universe is fulfilling your request for perfect love, whether it is someone at work inviting you to lunch or the pizza man flirting with you. You are drawing people to you, so take your time and wait for the right one.

Step 7: Be Vigilant, Be Persistent
After you meet this perfect person, be sure to keep up the affirmations. Change or update them, if you need to.

"All things between my perfect mate and myself are peaceful, compatible and harmonious."
"My Perfect Mate and I are the best of friends."
"My Perfect Mate and I express our love for each other freely and warmly."
"My Perfect Mate is supportive of me and helps me achieve my dreams."

The tendency is to stop once we get what we want. The problem with this is that eventually doubt and our old negative ways start to set in and we start to manifest problems in the relationship because we start distrusting our partner or the process that brought him/her to us. Replace doubt with faith and persistence. Master this and you have tapped into your own Divine Power.
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