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Breakfast Thoughts

There is something especially satisfying about eating locally grown food that has ripened in the sun. I have been eating apricots from Lonely Dell every morning in my smoothies. They are sweet and have that special sweet sunshine magic about them. YUM.

I have made my usual thermos of yerba mate to take to work, and soon I will jump on the bike and go there. A road closure between my home and work has made my commute substantially longer, and my legs are already bulking up. My body amazes me. All it takes is a couple weeks of bounteous exercise and decent diet, and I get strong.

The kitten is snoozing on the desk by my right elbow. My body is sore from all the yoga classes. The sun is pouring in my eastern windows. Outside the window the mint plant is blooming purple, and the hummingbirds come to feed. Their buzz awakens the kitten and she springs into huntress mode.
Tags: biking, food

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