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After riding my bike home from work, I went for a walk. I like to walk alone better than walking with most people. I enjoy listening to music, or hearing the news on NPR, then whoever Terry Gross is interviewing on Fresh Air. I consider certain programs on talk radio part of my continuing education, and go out of my way to hear them. I listen well when I am walking. And I get to walk at my own pace.

I ambled out to the garbage can, noticing that one of the neighbors is having a party. There were at least 10 cars clustered around their house, and crowds of young men standing around with beverages in their hands. The sound of raucous laughter was bouncing off buildings. I kept ambling down the dirt road toward town, and eventually broke into a long stretched-out walk. My body is sore from last night's yoga class. Walking rebalances all the things that are is the perfect exercise for evening out the effects of everything else I do.

At the intersection I turned right, to get on the urban trail. It's uphill to get on the trail, and if you turn around you can see the mountain. There is also a fine view of lovely Mountain Dell, and right down in the bottom of the Dell is Johnny's house. It's completely framed, there are walls up but no siding.

Johnny and two other guys were shingling the roof of his house. It's done on the North side, and they were working on the south side. At least, the other two guys were working. Johnny kept getting up and walking around and sitting down again. I couldn't tell what he was doing. But he is getting tan from hanging around watching the other guys work on this house. I sometimes think about propositioning him, maybe "christening" his new house or his two-headed shower. It's springtime and I have been a long time without a lover. He is a lot of trouble. But he is also a lot of fun. There is something very exciting about watching Johnny's house go up. I am happy for him.

On Fresh Air, Terry was interviewing a diplomat named Dennis Ross who served as Special Mideast Coordinator under Bush 1 and Clinton. He spoke about negotiations in the Middle East, and at one point he talked about displaying anger as a tool in negotiations. He said that it could be very powerful if used at the right time--at a time when others would understand that you are justifiably fed up. He told a story on himself about trying to make a deal with Yasser Arafat. It was hard to get Arafat to tell you what he wanted, but one day Ross managed to get a concise list of six needs from him in the evening. Ross went to work on those six things but the next day Arafat denied having asked for them. Ross threw his binder to demonstrate his fury, and hit a glass pitcher of grapefruit juice, making a huge crash that shocked everyone. And got his deal the next day.

The next program was about Miranda Lambert, a new country musician who keeps topping the charts with her angry and honest lyrics and catchy country tunes. I heard enough clips to want more, and went to my computer to buy her album. It's called Crazy Exgirlfriend. It's good.
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