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The Audacity of Hope

I just picked up Barack Obama's book from the library today. I like the title. I sucked down the first 10 pages or so, and he is a frank and entertaining writer. I am so pissed at Hillary, think McCain sux, and don't think Ron Paul can win because he doesn't have that Hollywood thing.....and Obama sounds better all the time. I put in my request for this book about 2 months ago---it took that long to work through the waiting list.

He brings up this quality of daring to hope...a certain idealism that was necessary to the formation of this democratic nation.....that I know well. There is something that we can be proud of about this nation, and Obama celebrates this quality in his book. I like his ideas and style already. I have hope that he would DARE to change things. And it will take some daring.

No more dynasties in American government. Stir it up. I'm hoping.

I don't know about Edwards. I think he might be too entrenched in the existing military/corporate feedlot system. Like Hillary and McCain. Should I pay attention to Edwards?
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