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Big Brother's name is John Leskey

I just got a phone call from a guy who said his name was John Leskey, and who claimed he works for URSLP. When I asked him to explain what URSLP is, he was unwilling to explain. Googling those letters doesn't get me anywhere. John was looking for a guy (C) that I used to work on the river with some 15 years ago. C is out of the country, last I heard, through a friend of a friend. When I asked John how he got my number he said that I was listed as a "possible associate" of my former raft guide co-worker. When I asked him if he was with a collection agency, there was a long pause before he answered that it was personal business. So I'm guessing that he is trying to collect from C. And considering his tactics, I don't blame C if he blows this guy and whatever debt off. I offered John the hotmail address that I have for C, and he said he doesn't have email! What bullshit. He calls me because he knows I used to work with C, but he doesn't have email. There is something completely wrong about this.

Because this guy was after an old friend of mine, I invite you and everyone to call him up.
Let him know that "possible associates" don't welcome his inquiries.
Here are his numbers:
713-266-9876 extension 3084
800-891-5035 x3084 (I called this number without the extension and the message said "the number you have called is currently not assigned" WTF?)
The number he was calling FROM is 866-891-6939. He called just before 9am on 5/30/07.

Whoever he is, and whatever he is after, I do not like his methods. And I do not like getting collections calls for a person that I worked with 15 years ago. If that counts as an "associate" then I have a billion associates! And I am not responsible for their financial issues.

Amended 3/14/08: Just got a comment (on another entry) that another person by the name of Lisa Reynolds is harassing people using the same phone numbers.

Amended 4/16/09: New comment reveals Leskey hasn't changed his approach. Googling his name today yields these:

Googling his name yields this today:

Amended 2/18/10: New commenter just filed a complaint with after a call from one Charlene S. Smith looking for a neighbor. Charlene contact: 866-516-6961 x4138. Prior FTC charges against her company: Civil Action No.: H-02-1410 (sl), FTC File No.: 002-3133.
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