liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

When time flies

It's been nine months since I posted here?!  That tells me I'm overbusy.  I generally post when I have time to reflect and no time for reflection is bad.

We're just back from a Middle Fork Salmon self-support trip.  Self-support means we were in kayaks and canoes and carried all our gear and food for a week in the wilderness in our boats.  I like that better than going with rafts that bring "the kitchen sink" and many other things that are truly unnecessary.  It was a good trip though the water was very low due to the megadrought in the West.  We only had one night of bad air quality due to wildfires.

Not a lot has changed at the home base.  Covid meanders on.  I'm still wearing a mask to work in the clinic, which stinks but I've gotten used to it.  I have a new job, doing remote lab interpretation.  I still have a patient every now and then for my private naturopathic practice.  It's plenty.

I'm still working on an assortment of writing projects.  I write articles for the local canoe club and for American Whitewater now, about safety on the river.  I have several different books in brainstorm/outline form.  That form can persist for years, but once I have all the points I want to make arranged in the right order with all the supporting documentation the writing part goes pretty quickly.  I've yet to be published in book form.  Somebody is going to publish my stuff though, because it's good and there's a lot of it fomenting.

Kitten is dead.  My beloved wild feline finally gone.  I just returned from a trip and felt the usual worry about her, wanting to see her when I got back.  All that was there waiting was a house full of old smells and some photos which I cried over.  She was with me for many years.

Tags: mourning, my book, my life, my practice, pets, river

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