liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

the Cat Chronicles: Lounging with Dreams

It's Sunday morning. I'm sprawled with my white ass in the sun, petting the kitten. She's sweet and I am glad she's here. But she's not the same as human companionship. I dreamt continuously last night, and the dreams were benign. I woke up once at 3am with a clear dream in mind:

DREAM 1: the river trip
I'm paddling a ducky, so is RJ, and we've been left behind by the rest of the group. We're having a great time as we always do, but I'm afraid we'll miss the takeout truck, so I get out my folding glider and put it together. I launch off a small cliff and barely manage to catch an updraft on the other side of the river, and soon I am flying over a magnificent river canyon. There are lots of big rapids down there. When I drop low I only need to go over to the sunny cliff and catch another lift upward. I am low when I enter the cove when the road reaches the river, and crash in the water just before the beach. I don't care. I am ecstatic to be in the air, in the water, in this place.

And this is the freshest dream in my memory when I awoke again at 7am:

DREAM 2: the airport
I'm in a multistory building that contains housing and an airport. I have a room. I don't have to fly out until the next day so I start exploring around. The bottom floor is endless, and eventually I realize that it is underground, under a city. I get lost, but I'm not too worried at first about being lost. I am carrying a bag full of stuff, and gradually use up the things in my bag. At this point I have forgotten what most of it was. I go down one hallway and end up in a giant Ford auto dealership that has ramps up to the streets. I explore all the ramps. When I had back to the hallway there's a parade about to come out of it, and I make it back inside just in time. I'm beginning to wish to find my way back to my room. Next I get on a down escalator that appears to be designed for children. I have to sit on it to fit. At the bottom it dumps me on the floor and bats me on the head, and pops the soda pop bottle in my bag so it sprays out. I take out the bottle, down the rest of the drink, and put it in the trash. I sit down and a crowd of homeless men talk to me. One black man is particularly gregarious, and everything I say is funny to him. I tell him about my $300/month apartment with heat included, and he looks around at all of them and says "that's what we need". He's still laughing when I get up to move on, but it's a friendly laugh. A nice lady working at the fast food joint talks to me. I tell her I'm lost, and that I've been to the Ford dealership (next door) but I need to find my way back to the airport. She helps me get my sense of direction. I am pretty sure I'm headed in the right direction.

My memory of all the rest of the dreams is too partial to even worry about writing down. My sense of these two is the river dream was one of joy and escape with a very dear old friend (RJ), and the airport dream was one of frustration and being lost in a strange (city) world, but making my way, and feeling that the people there are friendly, humorous and helpful.
Tags: dreams, shakti

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