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QotD: Why Populists are Appealing

...Glib, facile solutions stand at the very heart of the populist appeal.  Voters do not like to think that the world is complicared.  They certainly do not like to be told that there is no immediate answer to their problems.  Faced with politicians who seem to be less and less able to govern an increasingly complex world, many are increasingly willing to vote for anybody who promises a simple solution.  This is why populists from India's Narendra Modi to Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan, from Hungary's Viktor Orban to Poland"s Jaroslaw Kaczynski, and from France's Marine Le Pen to Italy's Beppe Grillo sound surprisingly similar to each other despite their considerable ideological differences.
--Yasha Mounk, p38 of The People vs. Democracy

**first use of tag: populism

Tags: belief, france, government, politic, populism, simple, the long emergency, world

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