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Lamb Stew

A whole Monday at home with nothing on the calendar.  I've been into my beading kit, made a batch of lamb stew, did laundry, read some... lots of things that I haven't gotten to in a long time.  Same as opening up this box and typing in it.  But I had to write about today's lamb stew.  I've made lamb stew many times but never with a recipe.  Then after I make it I write down the recipe.  It's getting simpler, I think.  This time I made it in my biggest cast iron skillet, which I fried bacon in yesterday for a BLT.  I'd poured off most of the bacon grease so I added a little olive oil.  Half of a giant yellow onion warm from the garden and 1.5 lbs of lamb stew meat go in the pan and cook until the lamb is done.  Add a chopped celery heart, cover and simmer.  Look at the canned goods in the cabinet--tomato paste?  No.  Coconut milk?  No.  Chop 2 carrots and add along with some hot water and a beef bouillon cube, cover and leave on medium low.  Next time I check it's getting thick and it's very fatty.  Mix in curry and ginger powder along with enough cayenne to make it warm/hot.  Throw in 7 peeled whole cloves of garlic and three medium garden tomatoes, chopped.  Cover and leave on low for a long time.   Start the rice.  Leave stew on lowest heat for a while more, then turn off.  Chop raw bok choy and red pepper.  Serve on a bed of rice, bok choy and red pepper.  Coarse grain salt on top.  Perfect heat.  Glad the rice is plain and the bok choy and red peppers are raw.

Will is gone backpacking for the next 4 days, after having been gone boating at the McKenzie for a long weekend.  This is good.  I really need time alone.  Every time I get some I get happy again.  I'm just too crowded living closely with someone who is retired.  I don't want to hear his every thought.  The silence IS golden.  Yesterday I went kayaking with friends.  I had some work last week and another day of work coming up.  Underemployed.  I'm not spending any money, not buying things on the internet or going to the store.  In about a week I'll be packing up to head for the Middle Fork Salmon, a 100 mile 7 day self-support river trip. 

Anyway now I'm in the middle of watching the first episode of the new Netflix series (of 4) about Trump.  It's paused.  The first episode is entitled Manhattan, and it's about New York in the mid-70's as much as it is about Trump.  The city was nearly bankrupted, lays off its cops and garbage guys, and the murder rate climbs.  Trump secures a 40 year tax break from the city so that he can restore a historic hotel.  Trump sounds the same talking about that hotel in the 70's as he sounds now when he speaks.  His words are superlatives--fantastic, terrific, the biggest, the greatest.  He meets a defense lawyer who knows how to bully and bluff.  It becomes clear immediately that this program is setting the stage for us to actually understand him, instead of demonizing or idolizing.  I appreciate that.  A little nuance is due on all sides.  On All Sides.

Tomorrow I may go paddle up to Willamette Falls with Kevin and Sue.  Hoping to hear back from Mindy.  I have a few friends here but seem to see them too rarely.  I mean to fix that.

More later, I'm going back to see the rest about Trump and Manhattan.


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Aug. 14th, 2018 12:07 am (UTC)
It seems too hot for stew. Maybe not up there, but it’s been way too warm here to cook something like that. Having said that, this morning was hot and this afternoon is chilly with the monsoon storm that rolled in.

I think Trump is pretty brilliant and it would do people like you and be good to understand him better. He comes across as a buffoon but he is extremely manipulative and gets people to do what he wants. How?
Aug. 14th, 2018 03:48 am (UTC)
It was hot today but it was cold last night and I closed up the house and "cold hoarded". It never got hot indoors, and the low tonight will be cool enough to do it again. But I didn't bake muffins. I want to make a batch of muffins but I'm waiting for a cool day to do it.

I'm not sure Trump is brilliant anymore, but he was of at least average intelligence and more than average drive as a young man. My operating theory is that he has hardened into some viewpoints and strategies and can no longer learn new things. Unfortunately for us the old programs that he is operating on are still running in the minds of a whole lot of Boomers....if that makes any sense at all.
Aug. 14th, 2018 11:45 pm (UTC)
Makes sense, but it’s not just the boomers. It’s young people and old people and people in between… I don’t know. I don’t think people give him enough credit on the intelligence scale. In fact I wonder if he purposefully acts like a buffoon to fool people. Take, for example the tax “breaks“ that his supporters are so in love with… Yet with the new tariffs, Americans will end up paying more out-of-pocket in the end. It’s just a tax of a different kind but they don’t hear about that... its very sneaky.
Aug. 15th, 2018 08:59 pm (UTC)
Yes, it's not just the boomers. He is a master of the prevailing cultural assumptions and eliminating those will remove his power. Problem is, cultural shifts are generationally slow....
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