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QotD: neo-Marxism = social justice today

Whenever I bemoan the culture of "safe spaces" and "microaggressions" on college campuses, said Andrew Sullivan, people argue that "the real world isn't like that."  But that's no longer true.  More and more of our public discourse is now shaped by the neo-Marxist Left's "identity-based, 'social justice" worldview, in which all interactions are defined by a hierarchy of power and oppression.   Free speech itself is falling into disrepute, as a tool of the patriarchy.  When some feminists recently got wind of a forthcoming Harper's essay criticizing the #MeToo movement, they not only personally vilified author Katie Roiphe, they also tried to force the magazine to drop the piece before publication--a "real-world echo" of students shouting down speakers.  Writers, like students, now know that one "incorrect" opinion on sensitive issues of race and gender can result in "instant social ostracism" and demands they be fired--so they remain silent.  Men cannot discuss sexual harassment; whites cannot talk about racism.  The goal of our society is not "the emancipation of the individual," but permanent placement of the individual in the proper identity group: white, black, brown, female, gay, etc.  "We used to call that bigotry.  Now we call it being woke."

--Summary of Andrew Sullivan's article ( from The Week February 23, 2018.

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