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Links related to Blazak talk and White Supremacy Timeline

I apologize, my in-text links were all lost from the timeline piece, but here are the ones that I read to compile the timeline.  Also I learned today that my longer posts are accepted at Dreamwidth but do not crosspost to to the dreamwidth blog is  I'm getting gradually more frustrated with LJ as you can see the formatting on this entry sucks and I am not going to try to fix it anymore. 


Blazak's Blog

Watching the Wheels

Oregon Coalition Against Hate Crime

2015 MLK Bell in Stone Mtn

Origin of Bell at Stone Mountain Park

"The daily concert from our 732-bell Carillon is one of the true joys of Stone Mountain Park. The Carillon was donated by our friends at Coca-Cola after being exhibited in the 1964 World's Fair in New York City. The Park's carillon has been played by Mabel Sharp for over 30 years."

Supreme Court Rules that Odinists in Prison have Religious Rights

even though they are probably racist

Thor's Hammer Allowed on Military Gravestones

2015 Odinist Inmate Plot in Virginia

The Killer Kindred (EK)

Measure 11 approved in Oregon

A State of Mind; Perspectives on Gangs in Oregon

By Traci Ray in 2016

Rise of the Alt Right

Tags: america, gangs, isms, oregon, paganism, prisons, race, violence

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