liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Rumi on this way...

Do not expect to be always happy on this way.
You have been caught by a lion, my dear.

The friend dumps plaster on your head.
Think of it as expensive perfume.

Inside you there is a monster
that must be tied up and whipped.

What the man beating the rug.
He is not mad at it.
He wants to loosen the layers of dirt.

Ego accumulations are not loosened with one swat.
Continual work is necessary, disciplines.

In dreams and even awake,
you will hear the beloved screaming at you.

A carpenter saws and chisels a piece of wood,
because he knows how he wants to use it.

Curing a hide, the tanner
rubs in acid and all manner of filth.
This makes beautiful soft leather.

What does the half-finished hide know?
Every hard thing that happens works on you like that.

Hurry Shams. Come back like the sun comes back
every day with new and powerful secrets.

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