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An Old Friend Sits with his Dying Mother

She had a stroke last week. Wells called me on Saturday certain that she would die that day. She didn't die. I just called him tonight and he is still sitting with her. She is not on a feeding tube nor IV fluids, and so she has been without sustenance or liquids for four days now. He sits patiently with her, listing to her breathing. She was raspy for a while but now her breathing is shallow, faint, and without rattles. He wants to be there with her at the moment of her death. He sleeps on the hard floor beside her bed. He doesn't mind. His sister also sits with her, so he can go for a run. It is amazing how long a frail old unconscious lady can cling to LIFE. If there were a legal way for her life to have ended already, her children would have done that for her. It would be an act of love. It is an act of love that he sits with her waiting for her to die. He prays that he will not linger when his time comes. I pray that someone will be there for me when my time comes.

Like Denny used to say when he was training us on CPR, "Ten out of ten people die".

So Be It.
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