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Happy (the movie, made in 2011)

The Constitution
only guarantees the American People
the right to pursue happiness.

--Benjamin Franklin

Billboard: practice happiness
Unhappy America magazine cover
What everyone wants: happiness

Rickshaw drive in India as happy as the average American
full of joy when he sees his son
neighbors are his friends
house is good (made of tarps, some rain gets in)

Ed Diener PhD got into happiness research in 1981
nobody was into it then, now we all are
harvard class on Hapiness very well attended

Genetics 50%
about 50% of difference in happiness levels is genetic
happiness "set point"

Circumstances like status, income how you live 10%

Intentional behavior 40%
variety, spice of life, intentional novelty seeking
enjoyment of moment
(me: core happiness)

lose dopamine synapses whole life long starting around age 10
physical activities release dopamine, especially doing novel things

use it or lose it
synapses that fire stay wired

surfer very happy
sports take you out of worry
surfing is spiritual, one guy's religion

in the zone
climbing: focus
book: Flow, the Psychology of
Mihaly __
nothing else matters
playing piano
in work: flipping pancakes, keeping a rhythm, cooking
experience flow on regular basis-->happiness
(me: kayaking)
staring at the ocean

joys and devastation from life's events tend to be short
recovering to adversity

no pleasure without pain
money doesn't buy happiness but it does insulate you from discomforts of needs not being met
20,000-50,000 big difference in happiness

hedonic treadmill
always want more: materialism
living modestly does not prevent happiness

close supportive family and friends = baseline need for happiness
social bonding
we are social creatures

intrinsic goals are inherently satisfying,
deal wiht basic needs: personal growth, close relationships, community feeilng/desire to help
we are happier when we are giving

extrinsic goals: money, status, image
people focussed on these are less happy
grand theft auto teaches kids to run over people

Helen Keller
we see with our hearts

Least happy of industrialized nations
"business is more important" than girlfriend or family
rebuilding economy and business are national obsession
people work long hours, endure high stress levels
karoshi = low levels of happiness due to toxic lifestye
efficiency eliminates play

prioritizing happiness instead of economic growth
GDP is not enough, we need a higher goal
GNH = gross national happiness
think rationally, wholistically, spiritually
60% of land should be forest
national dress, architecture, traditions

happist nation on earth
social equality and high standrad of living
more of population in cohousing communities than anywhere else on earth (tribal size)
free education and healthcare
living in small spaces

religion or spirituality
fundamentalists are less happy, being chosen is no gift

happy people function better
live longer

many of the world's oldest people live there
sleep early and a lot
regular flow
grow veggies
monchu = one family (belonging)

Bushmen of the Kalahari
interdependence with each other and the natural environment

compassion meditation
a specific Buddhist practice
lights up left prefrontal cortex
two weeks of practice changes brain in ways that are similar to longterm meditation practitioners

count your blessings
once a week makes people happier

commit acts of kindness = most effective
put change in parking meters
visit someone
shovel snow

Mother Theresa
created home for the dying and destitute in Calcutta


having new experiences

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