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From "You Can't Take it With You" (1938)
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Transcribed dialog:

Why don't you write a play about ismania?


Yeah, sure
Communism, fascism, vodooism
Everybody's got an ism these days

I thought it was an itch or something

It's just as catching
When things go a little bad nowadays
you go out and get yourself an ism and you're in business

It might help Cynthia to have an ism in the monastery

It might.
Only give her Americanism, let her know something about Americans
John Paul Jones, Patrick Henry, Samual Adams
Washington, Jefferson,
Monroe, Lincoln, Grant, Lee, Edison, Mark Twain

When things got tought for those boys
they didn't run around looking for isms

Lincoln said "With malice toward none and with charity to all"
Nowadays they say "Think the way I do or I'll bomb the daylights out of you"
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