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Body Language Cautions for Travel

This is a great post with a few specifics about gestures that mean something different in other places.
by Michiel Andreae from The Netherlands

1 France: AOK (thumb and forefinger togther, fingers up) means ZERO

2 Greece: A-OK means homosexuality, Stop (palm out, fingers up) means "go to hell" in Turkey too.  Thumbs up (used for hitchhiking in the US) means "f you", V for victory means "go to hell" (don't use it for ordering 2 beers).  Greeks and Italians may hug on a first meeting.

3 Britain: V for victory has palm facing out, if palm is in it means "fuck you".  No kissing for greetings OR both cheeks.

4 Mediterranean: pinkie and forefinger extended with thumb tucked means your partner is being unfaithful (not "this rocks" or "surf's up").  Stand very close when speaking (smallest known personal space)

5 Germany: Don't shake their hand more than 1-2 times.

6 Asia: If they hold your hand for a moment after a handshake this means trust, bowing widely used for greetings, deeper bow is more respect.

7 Scandinavia: just one kiss for a greeting

8 Dutch and Arabs: three kisses is fine

9 Mexico: abrazo hug is standard greeting

10 Japan: they don't expect us to understand bowing and will accept a handshake or nod

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