liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Boozin' is Worse for Women

I've noticed for years now that I can't hold my liquor like I usedtacould....and also that hangovers from small amounts last for days. Since my last boyfriend I've consumed very little alcohol, and recently I have decided that the right amount for me personally is none. This is a little sad, because among my very favorite things on this planet are the incredible combinations of wine and cheese, and wine and chocolate. I also utterly adore sake with my sushi. But historically I have always consumed the most alcohol while in the company of men who drink routinely. So I must draw the line: I don't drink. That's it for this lifetime. I have learned the art of appearing to take a swig from a jug, while actually only barely touching my tongue to the contents. Someone just gave me a bottle of tequila, and I'm saving it for my next party, at which time I will get everyone else blasted. Yeah!

Here's Mercola with links on why boozin' hurts women faster. It has to do with us females lacking an enzyme that disarms the toxin.
Tags: breast, health, women

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