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The Cat Chronicles: Unruly Pets

This morning the kitten was spastic as she has ever been, scampering about my apartment, climbing up the furniture and curtains, batting the plants, pulling trash out of the wastebasket and pouncing on my feet as I walk by. I wanted her to just go outside and kill something, instead of tormenting ME. She didn't seem inclined to leave, so I did.

I put on my sneakers and headed for the vast ponderosa forest, where I often find peace. Instead of peace I was immediately accosted by 5 very large dogs. All five of them got on my small trail and were nosing into my hands and crotch and generally demanding attention. They kept getting under my feet and making it hard to walk. They belonged to a couple of my neighbors, and I wanted to chat with the neighbors, so I walked with them for a while. Then we met up with another neighbor who had two more dogs (total of 7 now). We were chatting in the trail and one of the dogs jumped up and planted a big wet lick on my face, then slammed into my body, almost knocking me over.

That was the last straw. I was already feeling irritable and after that jump and lick and body slam, I piped up that "I am about ready to bite someone". I started kneeing every dog that got close in the face or chest. I headed away from the trail, forgetting to say goodbye.

Of course I live in a place that is fondly called the "Doggie Dell". People let their dogs run around and it is generally accepted. But I sure do wish that I could go for a walk in my own back yard without being trammelled by canines. ARGH. I am still not a "dog person" or a "cat person". I am a person person. But I don't find it worthwhile to talk with people who can't/won't keep their animals off me.



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May. 10th, 2007 09:45 pm (UTC)
Personally, dogs should be on a leash at all times. If the doggie dell folks wish to let the dogs run loose, they should create a penned in area for the doggies to go socialize together.

Just because someone is a dog lover doesn't mean they want them around ALL THE TIME or EVERYWHERE.

When I am on trails I like the quiet....I go there to hear and enjoy nature.

I think things have gotten out of hand when the dogs have more freedom and respect than people.
May. 10th, 2007 10:24 pm (UTC)
Re: critters
I agree.
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