liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Kauai Christmas Fever

It's not an infectious disease, its' a cultural phenomenon.  Here on Kauai the decorations are everywhere.  There are blow up santas at every commercial destination, and lit trees in the windows of homes, and bright lights on signs and rooflines.  Island television is full of Christmas music and men wearing santa hats.  There are Christian churches scattered over the island--the missionaries have been quite successful.  The biggest Catholic church has a giant crucifix framed by palm trees.    There are just a few alternatives--a couple of Buddhist temples and an LDS church in Kapa'a that was established in 1933.  (According to some folks from SLC that we met, there's a "Mormon pipeline" by which a great many Hawaiian recruits end up settled in Utah.  I wonder how long it takes them to realize their mistake.)  The music in grocery stores is Hawaiian-style Christmas songs---to the tune of "I wish every day was Christmas because then peace and love would fill the world", and one about the grinch, and other songs unfamiliar to my ears.  I want to know why it has to be Christmas to be peaceful and loving.
Tags: catholicism, christianity, christmas, hawaii, holidays, isms, mormonism, ritual

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