liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Butchered the Crepe Myrtle

The boys from the City of Oak Ridge were just here and they hacked off my mother's beautiful tree just above the chain link fence.  When I called the City about a week ago, I told them it was in the power lines and I was having trouble getting the vines out.  They lady said that they would call me before coming out to cut on it, but they did not.  The ticket the boys were operating on was written by someone named Butch.  Butch drives a jeep and was the one who came to inspect the tree.  He was supposed to call me to talk it over.  The ticket he wrote said cut it above the chainlink, and also "(dog will bite)".  The sign on the gate says "attack dog" but that is a joke: this dog has never bitten anyone and is about the friendliest dog I have ever known.  The dog will not bite.  He would have known that if he had talked to me.  I gave my cell phone number and expected that call.  I am angry that they butchered the tree.  I am angry that Butch didn't call.  I have been watching for local calls.  They could have cut it right below the telephone wires.
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