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PDX Quake Preparedness Resources Online

Water storage barrels, screw top, for sale in Portland:

OPB special on the Cascadia earthquake: Unprepared

PBEM (Portland Bureau of Emergency Management)
has posted 17 videos about preparedness, accessible here:
These videos are required viewing for NET volunteers.

The NET training video on UTILITIES is here:
On utilities from Unprepared:

Gabriel Park is a BEECN (Communication Node) location:

Sign up for Portland Emergency Alerts here:

Join a Portland Neighhood Emergency Team (NET) and get free training:

The CERT program overlaps with the NET program:

On Forming a CERT (community emergency response team).

Living on Shaky Ground, a print publication on inform preparedness

On seismic retrofitting houses, creating a preparedness kit

Cascadia Subduction Zone plan

State level document for perspective

Oregon OEM earthquake awareness page

For Teens: Without Warning comic book ; Go-Kit Passport

Portland’s Earthquake Response Appendix

for info on local community response

Portland Bureau of Emergency Management’s

webpage called “Preparedness Resources”

Click here or visit

Pet Owners: Portland has one of the highest rates of pet ownership in the nation.

Prepare your family and pets!

Click here or visit

Annual quake drills: Shakeout

PBEM (Portland Bureau of Emergency Management)

(5o3) 823-4375

Prep Oregon
A volunteer organization with many good resources for helping people get ready for anything.

State level Questions: call Zachary Swick

Emergency Preparedness Planner, NIMS Program Coordinator

Operations and Preparedness Section, Oregon Military Department

Office of Emergency Management

Tel: (5o3) 378-2911 Ext. 22233, Fax: (5o3) 373-7833

zach dot swick at


About what you might expect immediately after a quake

About the rest of that same day, with a little bit about the NET system

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