liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Body Language Lesson

Check out the photo of this convicted rapist who did it again and got convicted again.
Handsome, eh?

What does it tell you?

This lopsided smile shows a lack of respect, in fact a strong disrespect, for the person taking the photo, for the process, for the wrongness of his deeds.  Yes, he will do it again.  Caution.  I predict that this man will abuse his wife if he ever marries.

What we would rather see in a convicted criminal is shame.  The face would be symmetrical, no smile, the lips being turned in on each other.  The less lip is showing, the more shame.


Note to self: I went to merge the nonverbal and body language tags, and I believe I accidentally deleted nonverbal instead of merging it.  Use "communication" tag to seek these entries in the future.
Tags: body language, communication, men, rape, respect, sexism, sports, violence

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