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In chemistry 360 I sit in the middle of the front row, between a wannabe veterinarian, and a wannabe doctor. The potential vet is a professional dog trainer named Monica. Sometimes she brings her canine to class. The dog wears a vest that says "Don't pet me, I'm a working dog". The dog lies behind her chair and does not move for the entire 50 minute class. I am convinced that Monica is really good at training canines. She competes with her dog Gritty in agility events around the west, and consistently places well, or wins.

On Monday she brought the dog to class. Just like every time before, the professor ignored the "Don't Pet Me" signage, and petted the dog. Monica has told me that this dog "likes people too much" and that usually disobedience is caused by temptations such as the professor. She rolls her eyes every time he pets the dog, and when he's out of hearing range she lambasts him for his disrespect.

This time Monica finally got it across to the professor that she really didn't want him to pet the dog, and explained why. He ignored her wishes, and petted the dog anyway. He said "It's your fault for bringing such a cute dog to class".

This statement from the professor lit up a circuit in my brain that was wired by the court trials of rapists. Rapists have used the excuse "She was asking for it" because she was wearing a short skirt, dancing, or otherwise acting suggestive of provocative. The prof's "cute dog" excuse is no different. He was saying "I have no will power in the face of the temptation of a cute dog", and also "I have the right to violate your wishes because you are in my classroom and I am the professor."

I have come to disrespect this man. I started out impressed and even a little attracted to him, but I have learned too much about the way he thinks, and I have experienced the half-assed way he treats the education of non-chemists. He might be a brilliant chemist, but he is a dunce in other departments.


May. 2nd, 2007 09:15 pm (UTC)
Your prof must not be as serious about you classmates as you would all like him to be. It sounds like he takes you all for granted, and may even find some humor in petting the dog and getting Monica frustrated. In fact, it sounds alot like he's a bully of sorts.
I have to say that I'm not into anyone who makes a dog lay in a room full of people who aren't allowed to notice it at all. Just like I don't agree with bringing a dog into town and then tying it to a tree or lamp post for an hour or more while the owner sits inside and eats or get's drunk. Every dog deserves a pet. If she doesn't want him petted, perhaps she shouldn't bring him into contact with so many people? By the way, I'm also a self proclaimed bleeding heart when it comes to animals... and I know the dog wasn't the main point of your post. Just had to throw it in. :)
May. 3rd, 2007 07:55 pm (UTC)
And your take is appreciated! Yes, I understand that there is a temptation and that a good dog deserves attention. She does sneak the dog in, only when she really has to, and gets the dog settled before the crowd shows up. Monica manages the necessity of bringing the dog as well as anybody could.



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