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The Cat Chronicles: The Traveling Wolf Dog

Yesterday my friends Leland and Andria (and their wolf dog) passed through Flagstaff. We go back, in fact I knew both of them before they met each other. This time they are headed to the Left Coast to paddle for the summer. Their paddling tour begins at the Kern river, and then goes north as the summer progresses. I think they plan to head home from Canada in August. They should be kayaking tomorrow. It's all a business expense, all this travelling and kayaking. They write guidebooks about rivers, and make yoga videos for climbers/paddlers/hikers/bicyclists, and sell them at

Here's Andria, running decent sized waterfall. She wants to run a 70 footer but she hasn't found the right one yet.

If you're interested in whitewater kayaking, here's their trip report from Mexico:
Lelands photography has gotten truly excellent, and Andria's writing is great too. I can't wait to check out her yoga videos.

A couple years ago this pair passed through Flagstaff on their way to sell pumpkins for Halloween in California. The deal turned out to be pretty bad, not like selling Christmas Trees in Atlanta, and they were soon headed back along I-40 toward the East. Their van crapped out, and they camped behind the Barn where I live for a couple of weeks while the new motor was ordered, shipped and installed. They cooked in my kitchen and were my constant companions. I know it was a hard time for them, because they were broke already before the job sucked and the van blew up. But they persisted and this fall they will be married in North Carolina, just after they return from their summer of kayaking and yoga. My heart smiles for them. They're good together.

Now they've got a kickass brand new four-wheel-drive Ford mega-van that is set up with a massive front bumper with a winch, a freezer stocked with ice cream and a roof rack that could carry 20 boats....instead of a make-do piece of shit van. They have a security system that can't be beat. He is part German shepherd, part wolf, and his name is Hudson. They think that his wolf fraction is a specific breed of Red Wolf that lives down in North Carolina, and is smaller than gray wolves. At about 70 pounds, Hudson is large for a red wolf, and small for a German shepherd. His coat is dark gray and he disappears in the twilight. Hudson is a carnivore. He has eaten a few cats, and one time when he got out with another wolf dog, they killed a white-tailed deer. Red wolves eat white-tailed deer. Kittens are appetizers. Robbers are entertainment.

So I was warned. Then I saw Hudson chasing something under the neighbor's house. It got away, and Andria got the dog. Another time Hudson was pawing at the rustic wooden door to the cavernous room that houses the garden hose. Andria called him back from the door, because he would have destroyed it to get in there. Later we discovered that the kitten was in there. She must have been very desperate to squeeze in there. I didn't know she could fit through a crack that small. I left her out and she looked around fearfully for a long time before she relaxed again on her home turf. She knows who would eat who.
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